Monday, October 8, 2007

This is me.

1. I'm a wife
2. happily married for over 5 years
3. I have two wonderful children
4. one boy
5. one girl
6. I have blue eyes
7. both of my parents have brown
8. my husband and children have blue eyes
9. I'm not a morning person
10. my children do not sleep late
11. I am a Christian
12. I am not perfect
13.I am obsessed with Japanese craft books
14. and fabric
15. I love to sew
16. I prefer big cities
17. I was a vegetarian for 7 years
18. Now I eat chicken
19.I will not eat beef,pork or fish
20. Why is chicken ok? I don't know.
21. I love tofu
22.I prefer milk and sugar in my tea
23.I love coffee
24.Indian cuisine is my FAVORITE
25.I always have room for chocolate
26.I grew up in East Tennessee
27. I do not have a southern accent
28. My entire family does
29. My husband is from California
30. He loves living in TN
31. We lived in Connecticut for 4 years
32. I loved it
33. He didn't
34. Our son was born there
35. his name means happy
36. he is ALWAYS happy
37. Our daughter was born in TN
38. her name means princess
39. she lives up to her name as well
40.Fall is my favorite season
41. it's beautiful here in the mountains
42.I love to cook
43. my cookies won first and second place in the county fair
44.I find myself constantly singing Thomas the train songs
45.I don't like spiders
46.We have big ones in our planters
47.they inevitably emerge when I start weeding; I don't weed that often
48.I procrastinate
49.I have a hard time making decisions
50. It's taken 3 months to publish my first post

1 comment:

Meredith said...

Well hello and welcome to blogland! I saw on Amanda's site the "Tennessee" in the comments, and I had to check out the blog! I'm in Knoxville.

Nice to meet you and hope all is well with your family this weekend. It's gorgeous here. I can't wait for even cooler weather.

Take care!!