Friday, July 25, 2008

Another day, another tote

So we're heading to the beach with friends in a few weeks and I have been in a tote bag frenzy. I feel compelled to make a tote bag for everything. I used the two hour beach tote tutorial from here. It's ridiculously easy and takes much less than two hours to make. I actually started making two of them since I couldn't decide which fabric I liked best for the main part. The other bag will be finished as soon as I get some black webbing for the handles. It's a very no frills tote, it isn't lined so the raw seems are showing, which slightly bugs me. I suppose for what it is though it doesn't really matter. It's a nice in between bag; it's not huge, but it can still hold a few towels, water and sunscreen. I have a few more planned for the trip a snack bag, a toy bag, etc. After the trip is over I think they'll make great shopping bags. I'm all for reusable grocery bags, the less plastic bags I accumulate the better!

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Natasha said...

cute totes, i really love those fabrics> A person can never have too many anyway!!